Getting Started

Getting Started

 Drones are exciting and can be dangerous, your number one priority must be safety! Let’s review best practices for new drone owners and how to get started.

Before You Buy

The best starting point is some basic training, before you buy your drone we suggest the Drone / UAV Boot Camp training course to learn how, where and when you can safely fly your drone. Use this link for drone b

oot camp training and apply the discount code “DroneResource” to save 10%!

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First Drone

It is strongly suggested that you purchase an inexpensive drone to learn the basics before investing in a more sophisticated drone. By starting with an inexpensive unit you eliminate the high cost of repairing or replacing a more sophisticated drone. Crashing that first drone, completely losing it due to a dead battery or dumping it into a lake or a swimming pool can happen quickly. As my friend Tommy, an experienced single engine pilot learned, drones don’t float!

AMA AdBuying your starter drone is also the time to join the Academy of Model Aeronautics, for $75  or less for students and seniors, and take advantage of Member Insurance Benefits that include $2.5 Million Liability Umbrella, $25,000 Medical Coverage and $1,000 Fire and Theft Coverage! The AMA saves you hundreds with their insurance coverage and this is only one of their benefits! Get this valuable coverage before you need it, use this link to enroll now and take a look at our blog post for more AMA details.


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Before Your First Flight Outdoors

If your new drone weights more than 0.55 lbs. (250g), make sure you register it with the FAA. Click here for FAA registration details and all the FAA Drone Rules, Regulations and Information you’ll need regarding where and when you can legally fly your drone.

Check your location with the FAA B4UFLY Smartphone App to determine whether there are any restrictions or requirements in effect at the location where you want to fly. Always check weather conditions and make sure you are authorized to fly in a specific area before you take off! The B4UFLY app is available for free download in the App Store for iOS and Google Play store for Android. B4UFLY is an easy-to-use smartphone app that every drone pilot should download!

FAA B4UFly app
Getting Started Video