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Drone Resources, Connections and News from around the world for new, future and experienced Drone Pilots. Connect with a local Drone Service Provider or local drone pilot for your business needs, find a new or used drone or just utilize our Drone Industry Information. Watch our video to learn how we can help you…

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Nationwide business directory of qualified, licensed and FAA Section 107 or Part 333 certified Drone Service Providers for your project. The directory includes registered professionals providing drone services by category for easy access to the right provider for your project. Categories include: Agriculture-Farm-Ranch, Commercial-Emergency Delivery, Conservation-Environment, Construction-Development, Disaster-Fire-Police-Search Rescue, Education-Training, Gas-Oil-Mining-Energy, Insurance-Structural Inspection, Mapping-Survey, Photography-Video, Pipeline-Electrical Inspection, Real Estate-Brokerage, Surveillance-Investigation and Weddings-Private Events-Sporting Events. Let’s find an expert to assist you…

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FAA Drone Rules and Regulations

FAA Rules, Regulations and Information

The FAA rules and regulations are changing, get the latest details and drone pilot requirements including the just released FAA Section 107 details.  Latest FAA updates…

Drone News, Videos, Forum and Blog

Daily Drone Buzz includes 100’s of the latest news, updates and videos from around the world and all categorized by subject, visit the Drone Forum for the latest discussions and our Drone Buzz Blog full of important articles! Let’s see what’s happening in the Drone Industry…


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Pilot Resources


New to the Drone world?  We’re here to help you get started, we know Drones from A to Z!  Getting involved just for fun or starting a business, we’re the place for the info you need.  Looking for a new, used or custom configured drone, pilot training, understanding the FAA rules and regulations or just looking for a drone solution provider for your business project or private event, we’ve got the connections you need!  Check out out special discount for pilot training in our Recommended Resources section.


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Today’s recreational pilots must deal with FAA regulations regarding airspace, airports and drone registration to name a few! That’s the bad news, the good news is that we have the information and links you need.  Use our Recommended Resources below to connect with the AMA for the insurance coverage every drone pilot should have.  Join the Academy of Model Aeronautics for $75  or less for students and take advantage of Member Insurance Benefits that include $2.5 Million Liability Umbrella, $25,000 Medical Coverage and $1,000 Fire and Theft Coverage!


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There are FAA requirements regarding pilots that make money by providing drone services.  Refer to our FAA Drone Rules, Regulations and Information section regarding commercial use. To avoid possible liability issues in case of an accident, it is important that anyone employing a pilot or company that provides drone services complies with these regulations and employs licensed pilots.  Also, you and/or the drone service provider should be insured for any possible liability that could occur due to an accident while completing your project.


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Altura Zenith ATX8

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Seawolf OceanMaster

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Triton Submarines

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eBee for Mapping

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DJI S1000

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Sci-Aero Cyber Quad

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Blimpworks Airships

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We work with manufacturers and software developers from around the world and our experts custom configure Blimps, Drones, Robots and Submarines to satisfy your specific data collection and business requirements.


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Recommended Resources

$75 Annual Dues Includes Must Have Liability, Medical, Fire and Theft Insurance Coverage

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DJI Phantom 4

DJI Phantom 4 Link

Trtiton Personal Submarine


DataHawk Drone 


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